Hello and welcome to Oceanstyle.
We have been here for 17 years as one of only two dedicated longboard and alternate fine surfing board stores in the Perth area. Its what we are about. Something fine, something real, something fun. 
Just a few months ago we came under new management, with the aim of trying to make oceans even better. We've got a lot planned and are pretty chuffed to get it all rolling - including a name change (wow! yep.)
We have way more product coming in, including way more womens clothing (sorry there isn't too much at the moment). 
Excited to provide you with the best surfboards form around Australia and the world along with threads hardware and service. If you're not happy, complain loudly. We will sort it out. 
Thanks heaps for shopping with us - much more to come!
P: (08) 6219 5189
E: holla@oceanstylestore.com